Full 360 Images/Photos

A 360 image/photo displays the entire scene around the camera at the time the photo is taken. The image is more than a panorama since it includes everything above (called the zenith) and everything below (called the nadir).

Including a 360 image on your website is a strong invitation for site visitors to engage with you by looking at and exploring the image. It gives them a more rewarding experience than a simple flat photo. More engagement has been proven to yield more follow-up interactions and conversions from visitors to clients. And that's a good thing!

In a 360 image, you can click and drag to move around if using a pc; or use your finger to swipe around if using a touch screen. For example, with the image above, you can pan around and explore it in the current size, or double click it for a full screen version. As you explore it, you might ponder what kind of photo or series of photos would be influential on your website.

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