Shamanic Processes

I'm what's called a 'full mesa carrier' from the Four Winds Healing the Light Body School. What that means is I have direct experience with the unseen world, and training in using certain shamanic practices for healing. During this training I took the extra step of receiving supervision in those practices to ensure I was fully competent. I've integrated them into the psychotherapy I conduct.

Psychotherapy today is an evolving process. There are dozens of types and to varying degrees they include aspects of shamanic practices. It’s easy to discount ancestral cultures as primitive and dismiss their spirituality and psychology as childish or quaint magical thinking, or pagan superstitious trite. And yet what we’re finding is that leading edge effective psychotherapy practices are today’s versions of shamanic healing arts: progressive relaxation, meditations, guided visualizations, role playing, mythical mapping, dream work, active imagination, ritual and ceremony, rites of initiation and passage, chakra cleansing and balancing, and working with energy meridians and acupressure points are some that come to mind. Even the standard bearer of psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) has incorporated a shamanic practice, mindfulness, into its toolbox.

I use all of these.

The shamanic process of soul retrieval, finding ‘lost’ parts of a person’s soul often involves the shaman conducting a journey to what’s called the lower world (not the underworld), conducting activities there and returning to this middle world. To my knowledge there is no psychotherapy that does the work just like that. However, Gestalt, Redecision, and Emotionally Focused Therapy (and perhaps others) achieve similar results using their own models and methods. I'm certified in Redecision Therapy, and I also do soul retrievals using shamanic techniques.

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