Typically, fees are based on a session-hour which is 50 minutes. Some people find 110 minutes works better so that we get a nice momentum going for us. On the other hand, some people find the 50 minutes gets them filled right up.

There are sessions where we get some significant work completed before the 50 minutes and to press on and start another 'piece' would be counter-productive, so I suggest we stop there. The client always agrees. Sometimes the client says they've had enough before the alloted time.

Occasionally, we can't quite finish before the session time, and if I don't have another client coming in I might suggest we go 'overtime' at no extra cost.

How many sessions you'll need for a particular problem/issue is quite unknown; however my experience is that at session five we evaluate the process. If you're getting good value for time, money, emotional energy - then you probably should continue. So consider five sessions to be a minimum. Of course that's not necessarily true for all issues. When you first contact me, I'll ask you what the issue is to ensure it's in my scope of practice, and at that time you can ask what my hunch is about number of sessions.

Session Costs

Also accepted: Cash, Cheques, VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, and eTransfers.

No Debit.