About Gregory Boyce : Registered Psychotherapist

photo of Gregory Boyce

Getting credentialed is an excellent training process, and I'm continually doing so as part of ongoing professional development; but it doesn't mean much if the therapist hasn't done his or her own personal therapy.

In fact, if the therapist, psychologist, counsellor, or psychiatrist hasn't done their own therapy, they are hindered in effectiveness, limited in empathy, and possibly even ethically challenged (the liklihood of counter transferance goes way up if a therapist hasn't dealt with their own issues first!).

In contrast, a person who's been down to the dark places of their life, who's mucked around up close and personal with depression, anxiety, panic attack, rage, despair, addiction, sexual abuse and etc, makes a far better therapist than the one who's only been a tourist to those swamplands of humanity. I respect a therapist who bears the scars of wounds healed by his or her cohorts and colleagues. I personally don't want a voyeur for my therapist, I want a blooded veteran. I don't want a scholar, researcher, dilettante or academic for a therapist, I want someone who knows from the gut what the landscape feels like down there in the stink. That's why the better training programs demand that (1) trainees practice on each other, and (2) trainees are supervised! To tackle real issues - no role playing allowed!

So when a new client says to me "How do you know this?" I say "Because first-off, I've been where you are, or someplace similar, and secondly I've been well trained in this area."

As for official training and skills: I conduct private practice individual adult psychotherapy under the legal authority of the Ontario Psychotherapy Act 2007 as a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (My registration number is 1903 on the crpo.ca website). This regulatory body ensures that only qualified individuals practice the legally restricted act of psychotherapy.

I am a certified clinical psychotherapist with the Ontario Association of Counsellors, Consultants, Psychometrists, and Psychotherapists (oaccpp.ca) having passed their written and oral examination process.

I have a professional relationship with Dr. Vann Joines Ph.D. for clinical consultation at the Southeast Institute for Group and Family Therapy, Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I'm trained and certified as a Redecision Therapist by the Southeast Institute for Family Therapy. I'm trained and certified as a Cognitive Behavior Therapist, by the Cleveland Centre of Cognitive Therapy. I am a Certified Advanced Nurtured Heart Approach practitioner, I've received advanced training in Motivational Interviewing, and I've received energy psychotherapy training in both Advanced Integrative Therapy and Healing the Light Body School's Illumination Process. I have a physical sciences B.Sc. from the University of Guelph and a social sciences M.A. from the University of Waterloo.

From 1980 until 1994 I owned and operated a software development company specializing in micro computer business applications. I've lost count of the number of programming languages I mastered and the number of operating systems I worked in; however by 1993 I was ready for a major change. Having been a psychotherapy client since 1975 (lots of lived experience), and having a keen intellectual and emotional interest in the therapy process, choosing psychotherapy as a second career was not as big a leap as one might expect. By 1996 I was trained and competent to open a practice. Ongoing advanced training is necessary in this field, and I've loved almost every minute of it since then.

OK, that's enough about me. If you are interested in changing your life in some manner, call me: 519-837-2460.

For those of you interested in the technical side of the therapy business, here's some of the tools/techniques I use to help people make changes: Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Redecision Therapy, Transactional Analysis (TA), Nurtured Heart, EFT, Advanced Integrative Therapy, and a toolbox of shamanic healing processes.

Ok, that's a nice list; but it means nothing without you deciding to change. By finding this website, you took action, in other words you made a decision towards change. Take another step and contact me and let's get your life headed in the direction you want!